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'Ireland is fucked for the next ten years, did you know that? This is the only game where you make any money. Make your money and get out.'

- John Boy to Darren

John Boy PowerEdit

John Boy Power was the head of the criminal gang seen in Love/Hate for all of Season 1 and 2. He was a ruthless and paranoid leader whose own actions and those of his brother Hughie led him to be feared and hated by many. He was eventually betrayed by his lieutenant Nidge Delaney and murdered by Darren Treacy.

Actor Aidan Gillen
Hair Short, black
Also Known as

John Boy

John Power


Hughie Power (half-brother, deceased)

Jack Power (father)

Kayleigh (daugther)

Un-named ex-wife

First Appearance Season 1 Episode 1 
Last Appearance Season 2 Episode 5
Status Deceased
Series Lifespan Season 1 Episode 1 - Season 2 Episode 5

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